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1. The Top 5 Performing Facebook Ads We Ran for Fitness Studios
  •  The exact ad copy used for the Facebook Ads themselves
  •  The exact CTA (call-to-action) used in each ad
  •  The offer and promotions that these studios ran
2. The Top 3 Landing Pages Used In These Campaigns
  •   The exact structure of the landing pages we've used in our best-performing campaigns
  •  The CTAs (call-to-action) that we've learned convert the most visitors into leads
  •  The video scripts we've implemented that almost doubled conversions for these fitness studios
3. The Exact Automated Emails Throughout the Campaigns
  • View examples of the first automated email once someone opts in to these studios' offers
  •  See the rest of the email drip campaigns that trigger after a lead opts in
4. The Campaign Results of These Top 5 Performing Facebook Ads
  • Number of leads each ad generated
  •  The CPL (cost per lead)
  •  And more
63 Leads in 24 Hours
“The first 24 hours I think was in the neighborhood of 63 leads. 36 hours in, we’re at 99. One thing my account manager Chris and I talk about is “results matter.” That’s our hashtag: #resultsmatter. I’ve heard of so much stuff from previous marketing and PR people… none of it has an impact on me until I see results. I’m feeling great.”
Winter Garden Yoga, Florida
$20k in First 2 Months
“What you guys have produced for us have been phenomenal. We’ve truly never seen anything like it. I think we’ve signed up 10 to 20 people directly, but the leads … it’s insanity. Our first month was probably 150 or so leads. We track everything that we do. We’ve returned 10 fold from our spend with you guys. Your services are great."
Iron Tribe Fitness, Birmingham
41 Sales in 2 Months
“We’ve double our revenue. We figured it out, we’ve gotten 41 new paying customers in 2 months. As soon as we started with you guys, I had to hire a new employee to take care of all the people that were coming in. We’re actually kind of outgrowing our space now that we’ve gotten all these new members, so we might need to look for more space. That’s a good problem!”
IM=X Pilates, Pittsburg
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